Registration for FIDE Rated Tournaments

Peter Long 31st Jul 2017 General


1. The Malaysian Chess Federation has decided to abolish the MCF Rating System as it stands and to instead to measure our player's development through international benchmarking based on the universally used FIDE Rating List.

2. In future, all applications for FIDE Ratings must be through respective state affiliates who will be responsible for the conduct of the organizer and arbiters. MCF will assist the states with guidelines and provide technical assistance as needed.

3. MCF will, however, be directly responsible for all national championships and will only agree to any other events held in the country being designated as Malaysia, Malaysian or National provided the organizer complies with given conditions.

4. While MCF will facilitate the title applications of those who are earning FIDE Arbiter titles, we will also require that they attend and pass a National Arbiter Training Course we will establish to address practicalities and especially relating to cultural considerations.