Registration 2017 Asian Amateur Chess Championships

8th Oct 2017 Tournament


Thailand Chess Association (TCA) in cooperation with Bangapi Chess Club on behalf of the Asian Chess Federation (ACF) has invited the players from Malaysian Chess Federation to participate in the Asian Amateur Chess Championships held from 23th to 30th November 2017, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

There is no official players slot to apply for as the federation does not have criteria to select one over another. If you are interested to take part in the Asian Amateur Chess Championships 2017, please send your entry to us with the following details:

  1. Full Name, FIDE title (if any), your rating and FIDE ID
  2. Date of arrival and departure with hotel options
  3. Endorsement by the respective state association

After we obtained all the required information, we will approve your entry, inform the Organizers and copy to you. You can make all payments directly to the Organizers.

Please check details of the 2017 Amateur Chess Championships here.

MCF Secretariat