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7th Nov 2016 General


The Malaysian Chess Federation website will be launching a new registration system. The system is now Online for preview, corrections and feedback. The committee will monitor and decide the prospect and future of this project.

Apart from the front-end interface for the players, it also has a comprehensive back-end system for the Organizers. The registration process for a player is simple and will only take few steps. Read the following instructions and screenshots on how to use the system.

Chess online registration

Step 1: In the Home page, select a tournament from the the drop-down list and click OK.

You must agree the tournament term and condition.

Chess online registration

Step 2: Click the Register button only if you do not have the National Rating yet.

Chess online registration

Complete the form and click OK to submit. Follow the same Steps afterward.

If you have a National Rating, type your name in the text-box.

Chess online registration

Select your name and click OK.

Step 3: The system will ask confirmation of your profile.

Chess online registration

Click Yes.

For first time registration only, the system will ask your email address and you need to verify the email belongs to you. You will skip the process next time.

Step 4: The system will send you a verification email. Click the 'Confirm my email' link (or copy and paste the link to your browser).

Chess online registration

Step 5: Upload the prove of payment and click the Submit Receipt button.

We will try to upgrade the system to use local Online Banking checkout.

The system admin

Chess online registration

Step 6: Review your registration of the Tournament. Click the Agree button.

Chess online registration

It's done! You will receive a confirmation and reference number.

Chess online registration

If you find any bug (a feature that not gives you the expected outcome), please contact us at