Victory!! Li Tian Champion Zone 3.3 Chess Championships

Sophian A. 5th Mar 2017 Tournament


Photo by Officials

Li Tian Champion Zone 3.3 Chess Championships

MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! 12:23 PM - Li Tian created history by winning the very strong Zone 3.3 Chess Championships thereby qualifying for the World Cup! Needing only a draw he duly achieved it!

His rock-solid performance during the whole event is beyond expectations from all Malaysian chess enthusiasts.

The Championship title, World Cup spot and a GM norm are all well deserved after his stunning unbeaten streak and consistent games in the tournament.

Well done Yeoh Li Tian! You have made the country very proud. Salute!!

As a Champion, Li Tian receives US$1,500.00 and automtic qualification to the World Cup, Batumi in September. He also collects his first GM norm in this tournament.

Championship title, World Cup and GM norm at stake

Daily report of 2017 Zone 3.3 Championships

9:45 AM - Nail-biting last round will start in few minutes. A draw will secure Li Tian the World Cup spot and his first GM norm. A win will take them all!

10:00 AM - The last round starts! Malaysians wish all the best to Yeoh Li Tian.

Watch: Li Tian vs Haridas

11:00 AM - Truong Son and Megaranto game just ended in a draw. Li Tian will only need a draw to take all the stakes back to Malaysia!

11:00 AM - Photo: IM Van Huy is watching Li Tian's match.

11:30 AM - Photo after 18...exf6, Li Tian is thinking the next move.

12:13 PM - Li Tian has time advantage, 0:53:00 - 0:19:38.

Round 9 will decide the Championship

6:00 PM - Li Tian continues unbeaten in the tournament after his match against IM Nguyen Van Huy of Vietnam ended in a draw.

7:00 PM - GM Ngoc Truong Son must not lose if he wants to stop Li Tian from becoming the Champion. Draw or win will result in a nail-biting last round!

Watch: Van Huy vs Li Tian

7:39 PM - GM Truong Son won. The Championship will be decided tomorrow at 10:00 AM.

Li Tian is still leading the tournament with 6.5/8 and he will play with White against IM Pascua Haridas in the last round. The usual practice in these events is not to pair players from the same federation in the final round. The Organizer has assured that this will be enforced.

Li Tian unbeaten streak continues

3 Mar.,6:55 PM - The Malaysian number-one is still unbeaten after round 7. In today's match between Yeoh Li Tian and GM Megaranto Susanto ended with a draw. Li Tian still the leader in the tournament with 6.0/7.

Watch: Li Tian vs Susanto

Updated 7:45 PM - The 18-year-old Li Tian needs one more point from the two remaining games to secure his first GM norm with the condition that he is paired against opponents of elo above 2350 (approximately). He will be playing with Black against IM Nguyen Van Huy (2413) of Vietnam tomorrow at 2:00 PM local time.

The 2017 Zone 3.3 Championship (Open) features 9 Grandmasters and 10 International Masters. Li Tian seeded number 10 in the starting rank and he was expected to be very competitive in the tournament.

However, the surprising performance that he has shown so far and with a performance rating of 2718 - is pretty much above expectation among the local chess enthusiasts who wish that Li Tian will continue to be at his best in his two remaining games.

Another win! Li Tian stays on top

2th Mar, 7:00 PM - Li Tian stays on top in the competition after round 6 today. The rock solid performance by the Malaysian number-one continues with an impressive win over IM Oliver Dimakiling of the Philippines.

The 18-year-old is now 5.5/6 points. Li Tian never lost in the tournament with only a draw. He strives for his first GM norm in the competition.

Watch: Oliver vs Li Tian

Zone 3.3 Championships started in February the 23rd and will finish on 6th of March.

Yeoh Li Tian absolute leader

Updated 1st Mar., 7:00 PM - Yeoh Li Tian is the absolute leader in the competition as he just won the match against GM Antonio Rogelio Jr. of Philipines. Li Tian superb performance in this year edition has surprised everyone and he is now leading by one clear point from the second with 4.5/5.

Li Tian will play with Black against IM Dimakiling Oliver in round 6 tomorrow at 2:00 PM local time.

Watch: Li Tian vs. Rogelio Jr

Updated 9:30 PM – Li Tian superior rating performance of 2753 already more than enough to earn him the first GM norm. However, the competition rules state that any player will have to play a minimum of 9 games to qualify for a GM norm.

The big variances in the players rating in this event has made earning the GM norm a daunting task. With the current tournament average rating, Li Tian will need 7.0/9 points to have any chance of getting the norm which may be very close to winning the event. To satisfy this requirement, Li Tian must meet another Grandmaster and his remaining opponents be rated above 2350 (approximately).

Another opportunity for Li Tian is by completing the tournament with a performance rating of more than 2600 which is a special condition for the GM norm.

Probably the most secure way for Li Tian to get his first ever norm is by winning the event! Although, this is not yet confirmed (the Admin will try to get this confirmation).

The winner of 2017 Zone 3.3 Championships will qualify for the World Cup, Batumi in September.

Updated 11:05 PM, ACF official has confirmed that the Champion will not get GM norm.

Yeoh Li Tian creates history

28th Feb. - Yeoh Li Tian created history in Malaysian chess after being the first ever player of this country who leads in a Zonal Championships after round 4 with a performance rating of 2703.

Li Tian is now a clear leader after winning today's game against Liu Xiangyi. Li Tian collected 3.5/4 points after the 4th round and will be playing against GM Antonio Rogelio Jr. of Philipines tomorrow. He will play with White in round 5 on the first board.

Read the earlier tournament report here.

Photo: Liu Xiangyi of Singapore played with White against Li Tian in round 4 today.

Top ten ranking after round 4
Rank   Name FED Rtg Pts.
1 FM YEOH Li Tian MAS 2449 3.5
2 IM DIMAKILING Oliver PHI 2405 3
3 GM NGUYEN Huynh Minh Huy VIE 2433 3
4 GM ANTONIO Rogelio Jr PHI 2465 3
5 IM BERSAMINA Paulo PHI 2409 2.5
6 IM TIN Jingyao SGP 2436 2.5
7 FM LIU Xiangyi SGP 2443 2.5
8 IM NGUYEN Van Huy VIE 2413 2.5
9 GM MEGARANTO Susanto INA 2527 2.5
10   SEVILLANO Rhenzi Kyle PHI 2037 2.5