MCF President congratulates Yeoh Li Tian on winning Zonal Championships

5th Mar 2017 General


Photo by Risda

Dear Li Tian,

I would like to congratulate you on becoming the Champion of 2017 Zone 3.3 Chess Championships. I am very proud of your achievement and so happy to share my pride and joy with all Malaysians who have supported you during the whole event.

I would like also to congratulate you on qualifying for the 2017 World Cup and getting your first Grandmaster norm. Such accomplishments cannot happen without a huge amount of effort and commitment.

This is the greatest achievement in the Malaysian chess history so far. I believe that you have brought a great sense of purpose to all Malaysian chess fans throughout the country.

On behalf of the Malaysian Chess Federation, I wish you all the best in your campaign to become a Grandmaster and further successes in everything you do, throughout your chess career!

Gens una sumus!

Best regards,

Datuk Zahidi Bin Zainul Abidin
MCF President