MCC 2017 four players join lead in open section after round 6

26th Mar 2017 Tournament


Photo by Officials

After 6 rounds of play, we have 4 players namely Wong, Tan, Dawson and Nor Azmi sharing the lead with 5.0/6 points today. In yesterday's round 5, we had witnessed a game that was played for 5 hours and 15 minutes between AGM Nik Farouqi from Kelantan vs. a member of current National Squad CM Ng Jen Sheng from Kuala Lumpur.

Nik Farouqi is having 1 Rook and 1 Bishop vs. Ng's 1 Rook and 2 isolated e and g2 pawns. It looks like an easy and quick draw but both players want to win. Nik had managed to win the e-pawn that leaves Ng's no choice but to defend g2 pawn with the K. This made his K into a passive position since he wanted to win, else he could easily get his King to the center board for a book draw. Later, Ng foresees that he was forced to give up g2. So, he played g4 knowing very well he still had theoretical chance to draw despite opponent capture it. His opponent didn't capture the pawn immediately but 27 moves later at move 113.

With the 50-move rule, Ng has the right to claim a draw at move 162. He was doing well to maintain the theoretical book draw and was seen to be in relax mood until he missed a zwischenzug at move 130 that continues to maintain the status quo and Nik won with a zwischenzug on the next move that will eventually force Ng to lose the Rook.

In Round 6 this morning, we saw both Penang players, FM Wong Yinn Long and CM Tan Jun Ying on Table 1 ended in a draw after battling out the Opening stage trying to squeeze for advantages into Middlegame. The highlight of this round was the game between AGM Nik and Dawson from KL. Nik who took White had sacrificed his Knight for a pawn and opponent K can't perform castling at the opening stage in Sicilian. The game was played under the condition of Dynamic Equilibrium and slowly Nik was able to build up the small advantages until move 31. However, he missed the accurate continuation on move 32 that allows Dawson's King eventually able to hide at h7.

Reported by Chief Arbiter, IA Lim Tse Pin (MCF).