National Scholastic Chess Championships 2017

26th Mar 2017 Tournament


Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) in collaboration with High-Performance School, Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah (SAS) have the honor to invite all players to participate in the U-07, U-09, U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17 (boys and girls) National Scholastic Chess Championships 2017 (NSCC) to be held in SAS from 14th April to 16th April 2017 (Friday to Sunday).

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This is a FIDE rated event where every category shall be conducted according to the rules of Standard Chess over seven (7) rounds, with a single game for each round.

Each player shall have 60 minutes plus an increment of 30 seconds per move, starting from move 1.

Selection for the 2017 Asian Schools Chess Championships

The 2017 NSCC shall be used as a selection tournament for the Federation to decide the (top four) qualifiers of each category for the 2017 Asian Schools Chess Championships.

All privileges as official players that shall be offered by the host country and/or MCF for the event deemed to be given to the Champions of 2017 NSCC or Winners from the Final Play-off.


The 2017 NSCC is open (only) to all Malaysians.

Entitled to participate are players who shall not have reached the age of 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17 before 1st January 2017, and players rated below 2200 in the Standard FIDE rating lists at the start of the event.

Players are eligible to play only in their own age-group and category (boy or girl).


The fee is RM60.00, payable to Persekutuan Catur Malaysia, CIMB Account-8000-6497-25. All players must register not later than 11th April 2017. Registration of players has to be sent only through on-line registration system.

Players are required to upload the prove of payment during the registration.

Players are required to upload the prove of payment during the registration and keep the original bank-in slip in case the Organizer need verification.

Select the respective age-group to register (Closed).


  1. Boys U07/U2200
  2. Boys U09/U2200
  3. Boys U11/U2200
  4. Boys U13/U2200
  5. Boys U15/U2200
  6. Boys U17/U2200


  1. Girls U07/U2200
  2. Girls U09/U2200
  3. Girls U11/U2200
  4. Girls U13/U2200
  5. Girls U15/U2200
  6. Girls U17/U2200

For bulk registration (above ten players only), please use this file to submit the players' list and send it to the registration manager together with the bank-in receipt/slip.

You may contact the registration manager at shall you encounter any problem during the registration. Click here for registration tutorial.