Siblings of Nur Nabila And Nur Najiha show their supremacy in the Women Event

27th Mar 2017 Tournament


Photo by Officials

The siblings from Selangor have garnered an unassailable lead to finish in top 2 positions with 1 round to spare. They have 7 points each with their nearest rivals 1.5 points behind namely WFM Tan Li Ting, WCM Chua Jie-Tien and Melanie Koo.

Their impressive result has lead Selangor in driver position to capture the Team title for the first time in the Women event. Selangor is leading 3.5 points over their nearest rival Defending Champion Kuala Lumpur into the last round. Each team can score another 4 points (maximum) but Selangor just needs only 1 point to claim the Women Team Title.

The achievement Of Selangor Women doesn't lie solely with the siblings, it is the performance of 1st timer Jane Wong that has exceeded the expectation of many. She is ranked a lowly 22 among 28 players competing and is expected to deliver no more than 3 points for the team in the tournament. She works very hard on her games to craft two crucial wins and a draw against higher ranked players. Her team manager has given her a target to achieve 4.5 points if Selangor is to win the title. She has achieved it with 1 round to spare. The other girl, Esther Tang, has obtained 4.5 points from 8 games too.

Kuala Lumpur as two-time team Champion is no push over in this tournament with 2 girls from current National 8-Woman Squad, 1 girl from 2015 National Women Squad and 1 girl from current National Youth Squad. In contrast, Selangor has 2 girls from current National Women Squad and 1 girl from current National Youth Squad only.

The defending Champion, WFM Nur Nabila Binti Azman Hisham

Update as at 11:00 AM: Nabila has clinched the Women Team title for Selangor with her wins over Sim Jia Ru from Penang. This 1 point means Selangor has taken an unassailable lead in the Team category.

Reported by Chief Arbiter, IA Lim Tse Pin (MCF).