Zero Tolerence Policy for the FIDE-Rated Events in Malaysia (updated)

Peter Long 5th Sep 2017 General


There have been several attempts recently by organizers to circumvent the regulations put in place by the Malaysian Chess Federation.

We have now decided to adopt a zero tolerance policy, and as a result of the attitude shown by the organisers of the Malaysian Open, MCF have decided that for future FIDE-Rated events,  application must be made 30 days before  and the fee determined  is paid/deposited two weeks in advance in order for the event to be considered for rating.

We expect all applications to be made through respective state affiliates who will then take full responsibility for any incidents during the course of the event.

A tournament report by the Chief Arbiter must also be submitted together with the rating report within three days of completion and MCF reserves the right to reject incomplete or poorly compiled reports and according to not submit for FIDE rating.