Reminder on Payment for FIDE Trainer Licences

24th Oct 2017 General


Dear Malaysian FIDE Licenced Trainers,

Please refer to the attached list provided to us by FIDE Office through the FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG).

For those whose license expires at the end of 2017, we request payment be made to MCF by 15 November 2017 so that we will be able to consolidate and remit payment to them on time.

There are some who have not paid their license fee for a long time and now is the time to do so!

Under the new policy as approved by the recent FIDE Executive Board, as now being implemented in the case of FIDE Senior Trainers, if payments are not received in a timely fashion, you could be at risk of suspension for up to a two year period and/or loss of title.

The MCF bank account is: Persekutuan Catur Malaysia, CIMB PWTC Branch, Account 80-0064972-5

Our exchange rate is 1 Euro = 5.2 Ringgit Malaysia

Please provide proof of payment/remittance by email to with a copy to

Thank you,

MCF Secretariat

Download the full list here

Please note that the zipped excel file has 3 worksheets (All Trainers, Licensed & Suspended), please check your name accordingly.