Record Breaking Number of Participants for FIDE Rated Event

16th Mar 2017 Tournament


A record number of participants of FIDE Rated tournament will attend this year's National Youth and Junior U-20 Chess Championships (NYJ20). Despite overlapping with another chess event, NYJ20 attracted more than 530 participants since the registration was opened.

The President of Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF), Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin said he is overwhelmed by the support from the parents who appreciate the importance of this event and has promised to continue every effort to develop and heighten the sport in this country. He also said that he is lucky to have a dedicated committee that supporting the federation.

The 2017 NYJ20 will be part of selection criteria for the international chess events involving age-groups. In the previous years, this event was known as the National Age-Group. However, from this edition, the name has been changed to National Youth and Junior U-20 Chess Championships to freshen up and for the first time, the tournaments have been upgraded as FIDE Rated.

The 2017 National Youth and Junior U-20 Chess Championships will be held from 18th to 20th December at the Wisma Olympic Council Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Starting list


  1. Boys U06/U2200
  2. Boys U08/U2200
  3. Boys U10/U2200
  4. Boys U12/U2200
  5. Boys U14/U2200
  6. Boys U16/U2200
  7. Boys U18/U2200


  1. Girls U06/U2200
  2. Girls U08/U2200
  3. Girls U10/U2200
  4. Girls U12/U2200
  5. Girls U14/U2200
  6. Girls U16/U2200
  7. Girls U18/U2200

National Junior U20 Championships 2017

  1. Boys Junior U20
  2. Girls Junior U20